Saw X: Kramer’s Most Personal Game Yet

The first trailer for the tenth Saw film (stylised Saw X) has been revealed, and to quote Tobin Bell’s infamous line from the horror franchise – “oh yes, there will be blood.” The next instalment in the series, set between the original Saw and its sequel, features the return of Tobin Bell’s John Kramer, a.k.a, the Jigsaw Killer, and from the trailer, promises to whet the appetites of any die-hard Saw fans. 

We’ve got deadly new traps and an unhealthy helping of blood and gore as Kramer exacts revenge against a team of crooked surgeons who scam dying patients with the promise of life-curing treatments for money. You can watch the trailer, if you dare, at the link below.

Unfortunately for them, their next target happens to be Kramer. As John prepares for his eventual fate (which transpires in film three), in the knowledge that the surgeons failed to remove his tumour, the killer sets to work again, and the results are predictably painful to watch.

The trailer features the return of the long-standing character Amanda Young (Shawnee Smith), featured in the first three Saw films and Saw VI. Billy the Puppet, the mechanical ventriloquist designed by Kramer, a centrepiece to the Saw franchise, pulls a trolley of medical apparatus behind his tricycle. Let’s not forget about that chilling giggle.

Saw X further stars Synnøve Macody Lund, Steven Brand, Renata Vaca, and Michael Beach. The film debuts in cinemas on September 29, 2023, the same day, ironically, as Paw Patrol. Cue the Saw Patrol puns, and that’s after the Barbenheimer hype has died down.

Matt Bailey

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