Review: The Walking Dead Season 10, Episode 19 – “One More”

In their search for supplies, Aaron and Gabriel grow desperate, but an encounter with a survivor leads to quite possibly the most unsatisfying character deaths to an episode of The Walking Dead. Naturally, spoilers ahead. Missed last week’s review? You can check that out here.

Robert Patrick is best known for portraying one of the most iconic Hollywood villains of the 1990s (the T-1000 from Terminator 2: Judgement Day). He’s a formidable actor, so there was certainly a lot of hype surrounding his appearance in The Walking Dead from an actor of his caliber. About that…

Aaron and Gabriel’s tireless, and fruitless efforts to find supplies lead them to a warehouse. A night eating boar, drinking whisky and playing cards result in Aaron going missing the next day. Enter Robert Patrick as Mays, a scarred survivor who was living in the warehouse, who subsequently forces both Aaron and Gabriel to play Russian Roulette, with only one guaranteed to leave alive. 

We’re offered insights into May’s life, he certainly doesn’t trust either, he’s lost faith, and he killed his brother’s wife and daughter in retaliation for stealing food from him. Aaron and Gabriel successfully appeal to his better nature and persuade him that they’re good people.

The Walking Dead Season 10, Episode 19 - “One More” Review.
Gabriel. (Pic: AMC).

Then Gabriel snaps and echoing the chilling moment he stabbed Dante to death earlier in Season 10, the priest smashes Mays in the head with the mace from Aaron’s prosthetic arm. Rick would be proud.

To say Robert Patrick’s casting in this episode was a massively wasted opportunity is an understatement. The twin brother storyline was laughable and felt little more than a gimmick, who after years of captivity with Mays, kills himself.

Credit to the writers, it was an unexpected move, handled with the finesse of a team that has delivered some of the most devastating twists I’ve ever witnessed on television. However, similarly to Merle, Tyreese, or Siddiq, this episode repeats a frustrating trend in which underdeveloped, interesting characters are killed off far too prematurely, and Robert Patrick is at the top of the list. 

“One More” explores faith and the brutal reality of good and evil people in the world. Highlights include Robert Patrick’s casting  (both a gift and a disappointment), Gabriel’s ‘Beast Rick’ moment, and Aaron’s reaction to the boar.

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Matt Bailey

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