Producer Frank Marshall Wants Sixth Jason Bourne Film

Fans have long believed that the popular Jason Bourne series of action movies would not be getting another installment. The last two films – 2012’s The Bourne Legacy and 2016’s Jason Bourne – received mixed reviews, leaving the franchise on somewhat shaky legs. For nearly five years, the series’ future has been as unsure as Jason was of his name back in the very first film.

Now, it looks like the Bourne movies might just have a future after all. Producer Frank Marshall has publicly spoken out regarding his desire to see a sixth Jason Bourne film – but with a new creative team at the helm. Marshall is reportedly looking for a new direction to helm the project, rather than bringing back a previous collaborator. He is interested in combining the things which made Bourne great (fast-paced action and twisty, intense plots) with an all-new story that will further expand the Bourne universe.

How will fans react to the news of a possible return to Bourne? Many felt that the original trilogy of films (The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, and The Bourne Ultimatum) served as a fitting conclusion to the story of the amnesiac assassin played by Matt Damon. The Bourne Legacy, which starred Jeremy Renner (aka Marvel’s Hawkeye) as new character Aaron Cross, was primarily considered to be somewhat redundant, as was the stand-alone Jason Bourne. Although the latter brought Damon back to the franchise, many critics claimed it was only repeating what the first films had already done, rather than breaking any new ground. Additionally, Treadstone, a spinoff TV series set in the Bourne universe, lasted only a single season on USA Network.

Marshall’s desire to see another Bourne film is dependent on several factors. Damon has expressed uncertainty regarding whether he would return to the role following the disappointing Jason Bourne. Plus, there’s the question of whether he’d be able to find a director both willing to and capable of taking on such a legendary character as Bourne.

Still, Bourne fans should not give up hope. We might just see Jason back on our screens after all – and maybe he’ll even be able to keep his memories this time!


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