Peter Capaldi Praises Ncuti Gatwa And Past Incarnations

Peter Capaldi has reflected on his tenure in Doctor Who as the Twelfth Time Lord and shared his views on the friendships formed with other actors who’ve portrayed the iconic character (H/T The Radio Times).

Ahead of the second series launch of The Devil’s Hour, which Capaldi has been filming throughout 2023, the 65-year-old Scottish actor praised David Tennant and Matt Smith for supporting him in the role as the Doctor. “David and Matt were very good at helping me with advice and chat and were always there if I wanted to talk to them and stuff.”

“There are only a few, well 14 people, who have done this and there are specific challenges to it and it’s a specific world and there’s only 14 people who have been at the heart of that. It’s interesting to hear what they have to say about it,” Capaldi continued.

After meeting Ncuti Gatwa for the first time – who arrives as the Fifteenth Doctor this Christmas, Capaldi said they “had such a laugh because we met. We’d gone to the Scottish BAFTAs and I met his mum as well, which was lovely. We were just talking – it’s like what David and Matt did with me.”

Ncuti Gatwa - The Fifteenth Doctor.
Ncuti Gatwa – The Fifteenth Doctor. (Pic: BBC/James Pardon).

Gatwa, seen above, who gained mainstream attention as Eric in Sex Education, was “very open to hearing what it was like. I just think he’ll be great,” Capaldi said, adding: “I love Doctor Who and I look forward to watching the 60th and Ncuti, I think, is amazing. I’m so excited to see what he does.”

Capaldi, who previously starred in Doctor Who in 2008 (check out The Fires of Pompeii) and featured in Torchwood: Children of Earth in 2009, ruled out reprising his role as the Twelfth Doctor, stating that he’d “done his time.”

“I like the idea that [my] Doctor is still out there somewhere, that they all are,” he said.

A release date for the second series of The Devil’s Hour has yet to be set. The series entered production in February 2023. The first series is available on Prime Video in the UK.

Matt Bailey

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