New Dexter Spin-Offs Are In The Works After Showtime Merger

Spoilers ahead for the Dexter series. Dexter Morgan lives on, but maybe not in the way fans might be expecting. It’s highly doubtful he faked his own death and took his boat into another hurricane, that’s for sure. Instead, The Wall Street Journal confirmed, courtesy of a report from Empire, that at least three new spin-offs connected to the Dexter universe are in the works at Showtime, following a merger with streamer Paramount Plus.

Firstly, we have the prequel series to establish Dexter’s origins in the life of a serial killer. The title is Dexter: Origins, if that wasn’t already obvious. The series will chart Dexter’s younger years as he joins Miami Metro and for inspiration, use stories of real-life murderers from the era. With a younger Dexter, there’s every chance fans will be reunited with series favourites. These include Debra Morgan, Dexter’s sister, and father, Harry Morgan.

Showtime has further green-lit a continuation to the Dexter: New Blood series, which aired in late 2021, and all but wrapped (no pun intended) Dexter’s dark passenger arc forever. In the season finale, Dexter’s son Harrison killed him with a rifle before fleeing the town and leaving the bloodshed in his rearview mirror.

The spin-off is envisioned to focus on Harrison’s struggles with his Dark Passenger. Lastly, Showtime are looking into the prospect of a series centred on John Lithgow’s Trinity Killer, arguably the best Dexter villain to date. Give us your thoughts on an expanded Dexter universe. Do we need one, and if so could these new spin-offs be a force for good?

Matt Bailey

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