Line of Duty Could Return For Three-Part BBC Special

Reports suggest Line Of Duty could return for a three-part special on the BBC. The future of the hit police procedural drama was left uncertain following the conclusion of the sixth series in early 2021.

As fans will remember with divided opinion, resolved the mystery behind the elusive ‘H’, a mastermind with ties to organised crime operating with the police force. A TV insider told The Sun of a “very strong feeling, particularly among fans, that there was unfinished business with Line of Duty.”

The source further told the publication that fans of the police drama, which debuted on the BBC in 2012, were not “satisfied with the ending of series six and were crying out for a more sensational conclusion.”

Line of Duty Series 6.
Line of Duty Series 6. (Pic: BBC/World Productions).

“The question is whether the person we were led to believe was H really is the villain that AC-12 has been hunting or if it was another nemesis,” the insider told The Sun, alluding to the idea of “another, darker puppet-master” at work. This would potentially throw pre-established events on its head. The sixth series was met with mixed reviews following the revelation that Dept Supt Ian Buckells (Nigel Boyle) was the mastermind known as ‘H’.

Famed for plot twists and complex narratives, the proposed three-part special could disprove the original ending. There’s been no official word from Mercurio or the BBC of another series.

“The fact that they’re looking at taking the unusual step of making three episodes rather than the usual six or seven is a reflection of just how special this is for the show,” the source adds. Line of Duty focuses on AC-12, a police anti-corruption unit, and stars Vicky McClure, Martin Compston, and Adrian Dunbar.

Line of Duty Series 6.
Line of Duty Series 6. (Pic: BBC/World Productions).
Matt Bailey

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