Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 Promo Suggests A Major Death

Key promotional art from Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 appears to indicate that the franchise’s long-running character, Morgan Jones, is dead. For those not up to date with AMC’s spin-off, there are spoilers ahead. Morgan was seemingly left to the fate of a group of walkers, bleeding from a gunshot wound in the shoulder, inflicted by Virginia, leader of the Pioneers.

The artwork shows a heavily bearded Morgan with blood-red eyes, with a quote on the poster reading: The Past Is Dead. This could imply that Morgan has finally met his maker, or in a more likely scenario, refers to a larger narrative going forward into Season 6.

Personally, as a long-time fan of the show, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Morgan does find a way to survive, considering he’s only been shot in the shoulder, and isn’t facing off against a herd of walkers. (More like six). Plus, his longevity on the show, at least for me, has been frankly overplayed. 

The recent Comic-Con trailer for the sixth season of Fear, other than revealing a glimpse of Morgan’s red eyes, questions whether or not our hero, (who first appeared way back in The Walking Dead pilot), is dead or alive. Elsewhere, it’s the standard smattering of gory violence, herds of the undead, glimpses of Dwight, and the awesome SWAT van equipped for the apocalypse that we’ve all come to expect from AMC’s spin-off.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 is due to debut on AMC from October 11. Meanwhile, it’s parent show, The Walking Dead, is due to air it’s delayed Season 10 episode ‘A Certain Doom’, following the COVID-19 pandemic. The episode, however, according to GamesRadar, will not serve as a finale.

Six episodes from Season 11 already filmed will play off the back of Episode 16, serving as an extended season. The six episodes will air sometime in “early 2021”.

Matt Bailey

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