The CW Rename The Arrowverse In Superman & Lois Trailer

The Arrowverse, the name for the interconnected universe of DC superheroes shows on the CW Network, may be no more. Of course, it’s been some time since our beloved Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) rebooted the multiverse during the events of Crisis Of Infinite Earths, and gave his life in order to do so.

Now, a new trailer from The CW has revealed a name change for the collective franchise of DC shows, among which include The Flash, SupergirlLegends of Tomorrow, Constantine, Black Lightning, and Batwoman. Arrowverse has been swapped out, rather, unfortunately, for the CWVerse.

Now, if you’re saying that name out loud to yourself and thinking it doesn’t quite roll off the tongue in the same way, then you’re absolutely not alone. 

Considering Arrow premiered on the CW way back in 2012, going on to spawn a multitude of highly successful spin-offs, the title Arrowverse has become deeply ingrained in the minds of its devoted fanbase, many of which have taken to Twitter to voice their frustration. 

“It’s the Arrowverse. Next year it’ll be the Arrowverse. Next decade it’ll be the Arrowverse. No amount of weird marketing is gonna change that”, said Twitter user, @Exitoverhere.

The creator of Arrow, Marc Guggenheim, also chimed in on the debate, calling the move “disappointing”.

Many fans point out that it needn’t matter if the superhero behind the name is absent from the shared universe, as that character is still responsible for its existence. It seems like the CWverse name change is unlikely to catch on, as many continue to refer to the franchise by their favorite Green Archer.

On a more positive note, the trailer does debut the first glimpse at the upcoming Superman & Lois, slated for release in 2021. Tyler Hoechlin stars as Clark Kent/Superman, alongside Elizabeth Tulloch’s Lois Lane.

Helmed by producer Greg Berlanti, perhaps the most significant player within the creation of the Arrowverse, Berlanti is described in the two-minute promo for Superman & Lois as a “super producer”, and that’s not entirely far from the truth.

Matt Bailey

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