Across the Spider-Verse Trailer brings lots of Cameos, Catch-ups, and Questions

An official trailer for Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse dropped today, bringing with it a lot of hype and speculation, a lot of new Spiders-men and Spiders-Women, plus some revelations for the characters returning from Into the Spider-Verse. Before we go into the details, give the trailer a watch if you haven’t already

Alright, here we go.

The trailer begins with Miles and his mother Rio having a heart to heart about how much he has grown up in recent times, and her worrying about losing her little boy as he becomes a man, making Miles promise that he will protect her little boy no matter what -IE, keep himself safe. While this conversation goes on, the trailers shows the scene from the teaser where Gwent Stacy invites Miles for a jaunt across the multiverse, winding up with the two of them arriving at some sort of Spider-facility full of a multitude of Spider-people, including several instantly recognizable ones, though more on that later. They are reunited with Peter B. Parker, a version of Spider-Woman riding a motorcycle appears fighting a version of the Vulture, a scene of Miguel 0’Hara (Spider-Man 2099) looking at a picture of a father and child with a video file, and Rio reiterates her request to Miles that no one let him feel like he doesn’t belong.


Immediately after Miles agrees to this promise, the Trailer switches to the entire collection of Spider-Men and Women, save Peter B. and Gwen attacking Miles as he tries to escape. Miguel demands “Who do you think you are, really?” Gwen says “We’re supposed to be the good guys” and Miguel shoots back “We Are.” Miguel drives Miles into the ground and the trailer ends. What the trailer does not answer is why Miles has become a target of the Collective Spider Society, what makes Miguel think that attacking Miles is the heroic thing to do, and how they’ll resolve this.


Also, there are tons of cameos and little details worth nothing aside from the main plot. Let’s go over a couple of these now. The first two everyone has seen, those being Insomniac’s Peter and Miles, in their iconic costumes. This one was a gumme, as they’re both highlighted in a shaft of light.

Insomniac Pete and Miles
Insomniac Pete and Miles

The next two are a little less obvious, though both might still be familiar to fans of the 2018 Spider-Man game. It’s Spider-Cop and MangaVerse Spider-Man!

Spider-Cop and Mangverse Spider-Man
Spider-Cop and Mangverse Spider-Man

We also get a shot of the Bombastic Bag-Man, a costume Peter wore for literally one issue, though this version appears to be wearing a regular Spider-Man outfit in addition to his bag, as opposed to a Fantastic 4 one.

Bombastic Bag-Man
Bombastic Bag-Man

There also appears to be a younger version of Spider-May, a version of Aunt-May given Spider powers, though it could also be a version of May “Mayday” Parker, Pete’s child from an alternate universe, or even an alternate Mary Jane, as some of her alternate versions, Mangaverse, for example, also have Spider powers.


Though speaking of Mayday Parker, in the brief shots we do see of Peter B. Parker, in addition to his fuzzy robe, he is wearing a Baby Bjorn. Hopefully this is a nod to having a little May Parker of his own back home.

I think the baby's back home, not in the bjorn, thankfully
I think the baby’s back home, not in the bjorn, thankfully

Lastly for now, let’s take a look at the new Spider-Woman. I say new because while this is clearly the Spider-Woman logo as used by Jessica Drew in Marvel’s 616 Continuity, this is not a Spider-Woman design I am personally familiar with. Not as Spider-Woman, anyways.

The new Spider-Woman is already established as a woman of action in her few seconds on screen
The new Spider-Woman is already established as a woman of action in her few seconds on screen

I think this Spider-Woman, with her high collar, headband, and preference for hoop earrings and a voluminous afro updo might be an alternate universe version of Mercedes “Misty” Knight from Heroes for Hire. If so that’s an interesting direction for the movie and the character.

As for where the movie is going? With the great big fight between Spiders, I think the movie is heading towards a recreation of the recent Spider-Geddon event that happened in the comics. I do not believe it will conclude in this film, but its machinations might be revealed and perhaps confronted in the next outing.

What do you think? Am I off the mark about Misty Knight as Spider-Woman? Do you want to see Peter B’s new baby? Are you crushed that we haven’t seen Spider-UK yet? Let me know in the comments.

Tim Jewett
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