Stranger Things Writers Share Script For Mike and Will Scene

The script for a scene from Stranger Things Season 4 has been released online – and gives a candid insight into what’s arguably one of the most emotional scenes from the sci-fi series. With his relationship becoming strained with Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), Mike (Finn Wolfhard) confides in his best friend Will (Noah Schnapp) over his insecurities. 

The scene highlights a notable subplot threaded throughout the series which explores Will’s sexuality – and potential feelings for Mike. The four-page script adds some subtext to the poignant moment between the two friends, illustrating more depth to what we see on screen. 

“She’s… special. She was born special.  Maybe I was one of the first to realize that – but the truth is, I just stumbled on her in the woods when she needed someone.” Mike’s dialogue reads. “One day she’s going to realize that deep down I’m just some random nerd who got lucky that Superman landed on his doorstep.”

In response, Will notes that his best friend is scared of losing Eleven – before he reveals his painting of himself, Mike, and the group fighting a three-headed dragon in their D&D costumes. Mike is left amazed, while Will falsely claims that Eleven asked him to paint it.

The script notes a glance from Jonathan into the rear view of the pizza mobile as they drive, realising that Will has just lied. What follows is a lengthy monologue from Will where he indirectly hints at his feelings for Mike. 

“Without heart, we’d all fall apart. Even El, especially El. These past few months, she’s been lost without you. She’s so different from other people and it’s really scary to be different,” Will tells Mike. “When you’re different, sometimes you feel like a mistake.” he adds.

These last lines, delivered with such delicate professionalism from Schnapp, drive the scene home. To a degree, Will’s storyline remains relatively ambiguous – and with one more season to go – there’s every possibility the Duffer Brothers will bring it to a meaningful conclusion. For more Netflix TV content, take a look at FlickLuster’s review for Man Vs Bee.

Matt Bailey

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