Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

 Luster Network, LLC Privacy Policy

The following Privacy Policy (“Policy”) outlines the manner in which User data is collected and stored by Luster, LLC. This Policy applies to all products, services, and content offered by Luster, LLC.

What is Luster Network, LLC?

Luster Network, LLC, also known as Luster Network (the “Company”), prefers to the collection of news sites operating under the Luster banner. Currently, the Luster Network consists of the following sites (the “Sites”)

  • GameLuster (
  • FlickLuster (

In addition, the Sites maintain the following social media accounts:

  • GameLuster YouTube
  • GameLuster Twitter
  • FlickLuster Twitter
  • GameLuster Facebook
  • FlickLuster Facebook

The social media Web sites are not owned by the Company, and the Company is not responsible for any data collected when Users comment or post to these social media sites on topics relating to the Company or the Sites.

The Company reserves the right to create additional social media accounts or eliminate existing social media accounts at any time. Additional social media accounts will be covered under this Policy.

Does Luster, LLC collect personal data from Users?

The Company may collect and store personal data from Users. All data is collected, stored and processed is done so in accordance with applicable data protection and processing laws. For an in-depth explanation of the current state of online privacy and data collection laws in the United States, see the guide located here.

Usage Data: Information Automatically Collected

The Company and the Company’s third-party advertising and analytics providers (the “Services”) automatically collect information which allows the Company and the Services to better understand how Users interact with the Sites and ensure that the Sites provide the best possible content and service for the Users.

This automatically collected and stored information (“Usage Data”) includes:

Geographic Location, IP Address, Computer / Browser Type, Mobile Device Identifier, Internet Service Provider Information, Clickstream Data, Time Spent on Site, URL accessed previous to Site, URL accessed following Site, Interaction with Site, Interaction with On-Site Advertising

Usage Data may be shared with third-party Services including advertisers and analytics providers. This information is used to optimize your experience when browsing and interacting with Sites. Advertisers may use this information to present targeted advertisements based on your browsing information.

Personal Data: Information Voluntarily Shared

The Company collects and stores data which Users voluntarily share when interacting with the Sites (“Personal Data”). Users are not required to submit Personal Data in order to interact with the Sites or the Sites’ social media accounts.

Personal Data which the Sites may collect includes:

  • Information shared in comments made on the Site – profile data & username, registration information, feedback, reviews and opinions provided regarding Company content, services and products
  • Information shared when reacting to social media posts made by the Company – social media profile data, response/reaction/opinion regarding Company social media activity
  • Information shared when responding to a survey or questionnaire – contact information, demographic information, information regarding surveyed topic (for example: media consumption preferences, opinions regarding media)
  • Information shared when entering a giveaway or contest – contact information, demographic information, address and location information, any content required to enter the giveaway/contest, such as answers to questions
  • Information shared when applying for an employment position at Company – contact information, address and location information, resume information

The Company does not guarantee that any personal information shared on Sites or Company social media accounts will be kept private or secure. Users should refrain from publicly posting personal information openly on Sites (such as when leaving a comment). The Company requests that Users do not share sensitive personal information with Company at any time.

Regarding Embedded Media

Images, videos, and other embedded media posted on Sites or Company social media accounts should not contain embedded location data. Company is not responsible for location data extracted from media embedded by Users.


The Company makes use of cookies across all Sites. Cookies created and stored when accessing Sites or Company social media accounts can include:

  • Login information saved when a comment or post is made
  • Essential cookies which maintain the core functions of Sites in order to continue providing content and services
  • Functionality cookies remembering language preference, site display preference, other personalized User settings, and User responses to polls, surveys, and questionnaires
  • Social media cookies created when Users react to, share, comment on or otherwise engage with Company social media accounts. These cookies may also be collected and saved by the social media network itself
  • Advertised / Targeted cookies created by viewing or interacting with advertisements on Sites as well as promoted or sponsored content (including Amazon Deals and other similar posts). These cookies store browsing history, identify User interests, and allow third-party advertisers (with the permission of Company) to create and display ads targeted at Users. These cookies may also collect and store geographical data in order to show Users ads relevant to their location
  • Analytical cookies which collect Usage Data (as defined above) in order to help Company continue using Sites to provide high quality content and services. These cookies are shared with third party analytical service providers with the permission of Company

Users are encouraged to manage their personal cookie settings and permissions via their browser.

Regarding Third-Party Web Sites

Some articles, posts, social media posts and other content provided by Sites contains links or embedded media originating from third-party Web sites. Should Users click on these links / media in order to visit them, these third-party Web sites will collect Usage Data, Personal Data, and Cookies in accordance with their own Privacy Policies. Company is not responsible for the data collection and storage policies of these third-party Web sites.

Information Sharing Policy

Usage Data, certain Cookies, and de-personalized Personal Data (with identifying information removed) is shared with third parties at the discretion of Company. These third parties include, but may not be limited to:

  • Analytical service providers such as Wordpress, Google Analytics, and Ahrefs
  • Third-party advertisers who display ads on Sites
  • Sponsored / promoted partners including Amazon
  • Spam detection services provided by Disqus (which may quarantine spam or other harmful comments with Company’s permission)

The Company will not sell, trade, or rent your Usage Data or Personal Data at any time.

The Company maintains necessary data protections in order to prevent unauthorized access to, disclosure of, theft of, editing of, destruction of, or use of all data provided by Users.

To learn more about what data Google collects (including data used by Google Analytics) please visit

Data Retention

Company retains Usage Data and certain Personal Data, including data from comments / posts made on site, for an indefinite period of time.

Your Rights Regarding Data

If you have made posts or comments on Sites, or otherwise  you have the right to contact Company with any questions regarding your stored data. You also have the right to contact Company requesting the deletion of posts or comments made on Sites or Company social media accounts. Deletion of previously approved posts and comments will be made at Company’s discretion.

Important Information Regarding Users Located Outside the United States of America

The Company operates its services within the United States of America. Users accessing Sites from a location outside the United States will have their information transferred to, processed in, and stored in the United States. By accessing and interacting with Sites, you consent to your data being collected and managed in accordance with the privacy laws of the United States of America. The United States Government may legally access your data for investigative purposes related to matters of national security.

Important Information Regarding Residents of the State of California

Residents of the State of California possess additional data-related rights under the 2018 California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the Shine the Light law. All definitions of terms used in this section are in accordance with the language used in the CCPA. The text of the CCPA can be accessed here: . The text of the Shine the Light law can be accessed here.

The Company is required to notify Users residing in California that the following information is collected:

  • Personal information including name, account name, E-mail address, phone number, and IP address
  • Demographics including age, gender, and geographical area from which you are accessing Sites (including geolocation services provided by WiFi and/or GPS)
  • Any pictures and videos you willingly post to Sites or Site social media accounts
  • Commercial information collected for the purpose of analytics and targeted advertising, including engagement with Sites, products sponsored or promoted by Sites, and advertisements present on Sites
  • Information contained in a resume submitted by anyone applying for a position with Company, including employment history and educational background

Users residing in California possess the right to request the following information from Company regarding data collected within the twelve-month period preceding the request:

  • Categories of information collected about User
  • Sources from which this information has been collected
  • Categories of third parties with which information regarding User has been shared
  • Purpose of sharing this information with third parties
  • Certain personal information pieces collected about User

Users residing in California also possess the right to request deletion of personal information collected by Company.

Users residing in California also possess the right to request more detailed information regarding Company’s response to browsers sending “Do Not Track” signals.

At this time, Company does not sell, trade or rent Personal Data or Usage Data collected regarding Users. Should this change, Users residing in California possess the right to opt out of the sale, trade or renting of their personal information.

Users residing in California possess the right to not be discriminated against by Company for exercising any of the above rights.

Users wishing to exercise these rights should contact Company at [e-mail]. Company will strive to respond in a timely manner.

Users wishing to exercise these rights may do so via an authorized agent, such as a lawyer. Company reserves the right to confirm that this agent is qualified to act on your behalf, and to request documentation proving this.

Company reserves the right to verify the identity of Users exercising these rights, including confirming their residence in the state of California.

Important Information Regarding Residents of the State of Nevada.

At this time, Company does not sell, trade or rent Personal Data or Usage Data collected regarding Users. Should this change, Users residing in Nevada possess the right to opt out of the sale, trade or renting of their personal information. Opt-out requests should be made by contacting Company at

Important Information Regarding the Privacy of Children

All products, content and services provided by Company, including Sites and Company-run social media accounts is intended for a general audience and is not intended for children under the age of 13. The Company requests that children under the age of 13 do not use its service. Parents and guardians of children under the age of 13 are encouraged to make Sites and Company-run social media accounts inaccessible to their children, using such methods as parental protection.

The Company does not knowingly collect information from children. Parents or guardians of children under the age of 18 are encouraged to contact Company and request deletion of information regarding their minor children. Company will comply with these requests with reasonable haste.

Changes to Privacy Policy

Company reserves the right to update, alter, add sections to and delete sections from the Privacy Policy at Company’s discretion. Updated versions of the Privacy Policy will be in effect from the moment they are published on Sites. Users will be notified of major changes to Policy via notifications posted on Sites. Minor changes, including but not limited to grammatical edits, wording changes, and changes which do not majorly impact Policy, may not be accompanied by a notification from Company.

Users with any questions regarding this Privacy Policy are encouraged to contact Company at . Company endeavors to reply to each of these questions and concerns within an appropriate time frame.[/vc_column_text][/trx_sc_content][/vc_column][/vc_row]