Latest Justice League Snyder Cut “Big Reveal” Is Something Everybody Already Knew

Zack Snyder chose not to attend the virtual Comic-Con@Home, which replaced the usual in-person event in San Diego due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, during the same weekend, Snyder and his team participated in “Justice-Con,” a fan-founded mini-convention centered entirely around the upcoming “Snyder Cut” re-release of the film Justice League.

During his panel, Snyder revealed a brand new sneak preview of his cut. However, the much-hyped new footage, reportedly of a scene which was cut from the original Justice League theatrical release, is extremely brief, only showing Henry Cavill’s Superman meeting Jeremy Irons’ Alfred Pennyworth (aka Batman’s devoted butler). The clip also features the Man of Steel abandoning his typical bright primary colors for an alternative all-black version of his classic skintight suit.

While I’m sure Snyder intended the black-suited Superman to be some sort of big, monumental reveal, “Henry Cavill looks good in black” is not exactly newsworthy.

I mean, hasn’t the entire Internet just spent the past eight months talking about a show in which Cavill played a lead character who wore nothing but black (except for those few glorious scenes in which he wore nothing at all)?

If Zack Snyder wants to impress people with big, exciting news, he’s going to have to do better than that, because this taught us nothing new.

Additionally, Snyder spoke during the panel about how he envisions the final version of the Cut to only feature scenes with which he was personally involved. He vowed not to use a “single frame” of the additional material which was filmed after director Joss Whedon replaced Snyder before the film was released.

Finally, he spent a good deal of time discussing Superman as a character, explaining how he feels that the Man of Steel has always been an “abstract” and “philosophical” concept of a character, and how he desires to portray him in a more down-to-earth manner in the Snyder Cut.

In response to this, I must quote a dear friend of mine, whose response to the Justice-Con panel was that Snyder’s extensive commentary was unneeded. “Superman as a philosophy can stand on it’s own – with delts that can prove he can do it on his hands if needed.”

Clearly, what Snyder needs to do next is release a longer trailer or preview. Ideally with more of Superman in black, please?


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