HBO Max Head Defends Release of Justice League “Snyder Cut”

Recently, it was announced that new streaming service HBO Max would provide a platform for the anticipated release of the “Snyder Cut” of Justice League – aka director Zack Snyder’s original vision of the 2017 DC Comics-based superhero film. This decision drew controversy, with some critics and fans alike claiming that it would set a dangerous precedent of letting demanding, often hostile and even aggressive fans have their way.

The #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement, which began when fans learned of the extensive cuts and rewrites replacement director Joss Whedon had carried out during his time working on the film, has maintained a vocal, in-your-face presence over the past three years. Efforts have ranged from simply sharing the hashtag on Twitter to renting billboards and holding protests at events such as comic conventions.

Since the Snyder Cut was confirmed, fans have begun pestering other directors and companies for release of various desired “Cuts” of film and TV projects.  David Ayer has been a frequent target, with fans hoping to someday see an “Ayer Cut” of Suicide Squad.

However, when the topic was brought up in an interview with The Verge, Otter Media CEO and HBO Max boss Tony Goncalves defended the decision. “Look, definitely not a precedent,” Goncalves authoritatively stated. He further referenced the industry’s need to support its consumers and show them that their concerns and wishes are being heard. He saw the release of the “Snyder Cut” as just another way of showing fans that HBO Max truly listens to them.

“It doesn’t mean that we’re going to go redo every movie ever made,” continued Goncalves, “but I think that we definitely have to have our ear to the ground.”

It remains to be seen whether releasing and supporting the “Snyder Cut” will be a sound or weak financial decision for HBO Max. Currently, the streaming service has received criticism for its lack of original content, which a brand-new version of Justice League may alleviate.

Currently, it is unknown when the “Snyder Cut” will be officially released, as Snyder and his team have not yet determined how many reshoots and how much additional work is required in order to make the film ready to be seen by the public.


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