Disney Announces Upcoming Pixar Film Luca

News on the film front has been fairly quiet lately – unsurprising, given that filming on most projects has shut down due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. However, it is possible that these uncertain times could instead see a greater number of animated films, as these projects tend to require no crowded film shoots and less in-person interaction. One thing is for sure: we’ve already got at least one absolutely gorgeous-looking animated film on the horizon to look forward to.

On July 30, Disney took to their official Twitter account to announce Luca, an upcoming film developed in collaboration with Pixar. Luca will be directed by Italian filmmaker Enrico Casarosa, who previously worked with Pixar on the short film La Luna, and produced by Andrea Warren.

Luca tells the story of the titular character, a young boy who is spending his summer on the Italian Riviera. While there, Luca makes a new friend and experiences childhood adventures including swimming, exploring, and even taking a daredevil plunge off a cliff! However, Casarosa hints that Luca’s story of friendship has another side to it: the seemingly carefree boy is in fact a sea creature who hails from a mysterious underwater world. Will his new friend discover his secret? How will it affect their friendship? Only time – well, and the release of the film itself – will tell.

Even from just a few early pieces of preview art, it’s easy to tell that Luca looks absolutely gorgeous. The painting-like art style captures the stunning, sunlit beauty of the Italian Riviera, inspired by the director’s own childhood experiences.

Currently, Luca is slated to release in June 2021. However, other Pixar films have been pushed back, including Soul, the story of a man whose soul becomes separated from his body, which was originally planned to release in summer 2020 but will not debut until November at the absolute earliest. It is currently unknown whether Luca will suffer the same fate.


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