Loki Fans Love Ke Huy Quan As O.B

Loki Season 2 is underway on Disney+, and since becoming the second-most watched premiere on the streamer in 2023, fans are reacting in the best possible way for Ke Huy Quan as Ouroboros (O.B). You only need to look at social media to realise how Loki fans feel toward the character (H/T ComicBook).

“I need Marvel to put Ke Huy Quan in every project from now on he’s so good in this. OB stole the entire episode I would give my life for him,” said one Twitter handle, while another added, “Ke Huy Quan really stole the show as O.B. PROTECT HIM AT ALL COST.”

One fan said: “If all of #Loki season 2 was just Ke Huy Quan, Tom Hiddleston, and Owen Wilson having a great time interacting with each other I would be perfectly fine with that.”

“It’s great how over 10 years in Tom Hiddleston is still giving Loki his all; he truly adores the character. It’s also genius pairing him with Owen Wilson who brings an Everyman ‘dudes rock’ quality to Mobius. But the real scene stealer has to be Ke Huy Quan; my guy is a star!” another account added.

Loki - Season 2.
Loki – Season 2. (Pic: Marvel Studios).

“Ke Huy Quan’s O.B hasn’t even been on screen for 5 minutes yet in #Loki & he’s already a strong & great addition to the show,” said @CorrieShill. Even the wardrobe designers behind the series are weighing in on how great an impression Quan has made. Christine Wada, who works on Loki, praised Quan for bringing the character’s “jumpsuit to life.”

“He’s so sweet, but he also is very dedicated and does his homework and really talks about whether, ‘Should this feel a little more vintage?’ I mean, we always wanted it to feel like the ’30s or ’40s, so [his costume] was pulled from a vintage jumpsuit from that era,” Wada added.

Loki stars Tom Hiddleston, Sophia Di Martino, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Wunmi Mosaku, Eugene Cordero, Rafael Casal, Tara Strong, Kate Dickie, Liz Carr, Neil Ellice, with Jonathan Majors, Ke Huy Quan, and Owen Wilson.

Matt Bailey

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