A Bidding War Begins For The Halloween Franchise

Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, Chucky, Pinhead…, they all share one commonality: they always come back, no matter how many times they die. Case in point is Michael Myers, the eponymous masked killer who has stalked the streets of Haddonfield for the past forty years in the Halloween franchise. Myers, known as ‘the Shape,’ is set to make a comeback.

The rights for his character and the franchise are now caught in the midst of a bidding war. In 2022, Halloween Ends wrapped up a trilogy of films directed by David Gordon Green and the last in the series by Universal Pictures and Blumhouse. 

In a report by Bloody Disgusting, the rights to the franchise are now in the hands of Miramax, meaning production companies and streamers will be flocking for a piece of the action, with A24 and Miramax leading the pack for film and television show concepts. TV adaptations of top horror film franchises (ChuckyCrystal LakeScream) are a familiar trend nowadays, so Michael Myers making a small-screen debut has potential.

In the final film of the DGG trilogy, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) emerged the victor in a showdown with Myers, so whether the actress will reprise her role for another chapter in the Halloween saga is yet to be seen. “The last thing I thought five years ago that I would be doing would be a Halloween movie,” Curtis told SFX (per GamesRadar) last year. “And here I am having now completed three of them with a fantastic creative group of people… So to say never is stupid.”

Halloween Ends stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Andy Matichak, James Jude Courtney, Rohan Campbell, Will Patton and Kyle Richards. Read up on what John Carpenter, the director behind the original Halloween, had to say about the upcoming Christine remake.

Matt Bailey

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